Edradour  between two waters/Stream of King Edred


One of the smallest commercial distilleries in Scotland - the smallest is Loch Ewe Distillery near Gairloch, however non-commerial - is the only surviving farm distillery in Perthshire. It is owned by the independent bottler Andrew Symington and well visted by coach parties passing the tourist hot spot Pitlochry. The idyllic picturesque setting is an ideal location where the King‘s Royal, a drama series of a Scottish distilling family was filmed. Since 2002 the new owner has improved the site, renovated the buildings, build a new visitor centre and a new warehouse (2011).

Alfred Barnard toured the Scottish distilleries between 1885 and 1887, his description of 1887 is still true today: „The Distillery, which was built in 1837, is situated at the root of a steep hill on the road side, and consists of a few ancient buildings not unlike a farmstead, past which flows one of the most rampant and brawling streams in the district. On either side of this river, heather in rich abundance hangs from the banks and jutting corners of the rocks, and there is water power sufficient to drive several water-wheels. The works consist of a Barley Barn, Malting House, and Mill, all in one building. The Mash Tun has a capacity of 1,000 gallons, and there are four Washbacks holding the same quantity. The Still House is across the yard, and contains a Wash Still and a Low-wines Still, the farmer holding 740 and the latter 420 gallons, there are three Warehouses, a Spirit Store and small cask shed, and at the end of the yard a cart-shed, stable, and same outhouses.“ (Alfred Barnard. The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom. London, 1887.)

Edradour Malt in form of the Blended Whisky King‘s Ransom was also on its way to America on the famous S.S. Politician which sank off the shore of the Hebredian Isle of Eriskay in 1941. The film Whisky Galore made this historic event unforgetable. The annual production is about 135 000 litres of spirit (2015). Almost 95 % of the production goes into single malt bottling. Three dunnage warehouses are on site and some more bonded warehouses are at Dalmuir. A traditional dunnage warehouse was finished on site of an old dunnage warehouse recently (2010). Some casks are also warehoused at BenRiach Distillery, near Elgin. There is also a modern bottling hall.

There are plans to built a new distillery unit on site to extend the annual production to 280,000 litres of spirit. Planning application was approved in May 2015. Construction started in January 2016.

Other names: Ballechin (peated expression, 50ppm), first produced by the then Distillery-Production Manager Iain Henderson (formerly Manager of Laphroaig Distillery and 14 others) in 2003.

Distillery Manager: Andrew Symington (2012)

There is a visitor centre where you may also get special Signatory bottlings. New in depth tours are also offered. A very comfortable Tasting Room with a bar is to be found in one of the barns where you may select your favourite dram of whisky.

Recent articles about Edradour Distillery in German by the editor of The Gateway to Distilleries which was published in the Irland Journal and The Highland Herold please see:



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