Mitchell & Son

The wine and spirits merchants Mitchell & Son were established in Dublin in 1805. They had a special aggreement with Irish Distillers to mature Irish Potstill Whiskey in their own cellars at Fitzwilliam Lane. It is uncertain when they first matured their own whisky in their own premises. „It is known though, that by the 1920s Jameson‘s Bow Street Distillery was supplying Mitchell & Son with at least 100 sherry hogsheads of pot still distilled whiskey per annum.“ (see Wikipedia, U.K.) 

Mitchell & Son were ageing whiskeys in their own empty wine and Fino or Oloroso Sherry casks.  In 1887 they expanded into bonding whiskey by sending their empty wine, Sherry and Port casks via horse carts to the Jameson Distillery in Bow Street where they were filled. Matururation continued in Mitchell‘s own cellar warehouses. They bought also spirit from John Jameson’s Dublin Distillery up until the late 1960‘s, when the practice of selling spirit to bonders ceased. 
Hoever, Mitchell & Son were the only Irish bonders still to receive Jameson Pots Still Whiskey. 

John Jameson Distillery closed in 1971. Green Spot was bottled by Irish Distillers Ltd. and was distilled at Midleton Distilleries from 1976 onwards. Mitchell & Son sold the Green Spot in their shop and it was difficult to get in those days as the production was limited to 4.000 bottles per year at the beginning.

The present Green Spot is younger than the original. It is a blend of about 7-9 year traditional old Irish Pot Still Whiskeys, 25% of which has matured in Sherry casks. „This Green Spot name originated from the...practice of marking casks of different ages with a daub of coloured paint.“
In 2012 a Yellow Spot was released: It „ special in that it contains single pot still whiskey that has been matured for a full 12 year period in three oak cask types: American bourbon barrels, Spanish sherry butts and uniquely, Spanish Malaga casks. Bottled at 46% ABV, the influence of the Malaga cask brings an exotic sweet note to the whiskey making it a truly delightful taste experience.“ See Mitchell & Son.

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