This distillery of the Lowlands lies in the fertile region of Cupar in the Kingdom of Fife. Daftmill is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland. The farmers and cattle breeders Francis and Ian Cuthbert made their dream come true. They received their license to distill on Saint Andrews Day 2005  (30th November) and their first spirit was produced on December 16th, 2005. „It is staggering beautiful,“ appreciates Charles Maclean.

The water is excellent indeed, it comes from natural springs and is used for mashing, cooling and drinking on the farm. The water is hard and has a lot of calcium, magnesium but is not salty at all. „The site has a wonderful source of abundant natural water lying just below an alluvila plane of sand and gravel laid down during the last ice age,“  writes Francis Cuthbert (see Daftmill‘s Website)

The barley for distillation is grown on their own farm.

There is still no whisky on the market. „Sometimes one just has to appreciate that patience is a virtue,“ says Distillery Manager Francis Cuthbert (2011). „We will bottle it when it is ready.“

As it is a working farm distillery there is no visitor centre, but a „...guided tour is offered to certain small interested groups...by appointment.“

Daftmill  is one of the most beautiful distilleries in Scotland.

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Owner: Cuthbert Family, Francis and Ian Cuthbert