BenRiach           the speckled mountain


In June 2016 Brown-Forman Corporation (Jack Daniel‘s) bought Glenglassaugh, BenRiach and GlenDronach for £285 million (Benriach Distillery Company Ltd.).

The independent distillery was directed by the master mind - Master Blender - Billy Walker. Founded in 1898, but mothballed two years later until 1966 and then renovated. Therefore the style of the still house is pretty much that of the sixties and not Victorian. The BenRiach Maltings are in a ,satisfactory‘ condition but have not been used since 1899 for one hundred years until 1999.

BenRiach reopened in 2004. The old stock (goes back to the sixties) allows master blender Billy Walker to present various expressions which sometimes have been double matured. As a“testing distillery“ for Chivas Brothers there are also some old peated malts maturing in the warehouses.

About 60% of its annual spirit production is sold to Chivas Brothers for their blends. Some triple distilled malt has also been produced since 2005.  There are many BenRiach double matured malts on the market nowadays.

In 2007 BenRiach was named “Distillery of the Year” by the American Malt Advocate magazine.

In 2012 BenRiach started its own floor maltings again on November 5th, 2012. „BenRiach’s Stewart Buchanan explained: “For the last year we’ve been working hard to get the maltings back up and running. After being shut for the best part of thirteen years, the machinery is still in great condition...Earlier, we got some weight on the system to see how it would run under stress. Three tones of barley whirled round the floors and it was great to hear its blood pumping and the old place coming back to life. „BenRiach website.

The annual production is about 2.4 million litres of alcohol (2014). About 150,000 litres of it are highly peated spirits. BenRiach produces also a „heavily“ peated but fresh young whisky called Birnie Moss.

About 60% of the annual spirit production is currently sold to Chivas Brothers for their blends like Chivas Regal.

BenRiach and Glendronach employ a total of 80 people at its two distilleries, Head Office and bottling plant.

There is no visitor centre (2012). Visits by appointment only.

Distillery Manager: Alan McConnochie (2012)

BenRiach was crowned Distiller of Year 2014 by the the British Whisky Magazine.

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Owner: Brown-Forman Corporation